IIHR Internship Program

The IIHR Internship Program offers university students and/or professionals the opportunity of acquiring firsthand knowledge on the promotion of human rights in its various academic disciplines in relation to the current lines of work of the IIHR:

  • Human rights education (teaching human rights),
  • Human rights of women,
  • LGBTTI community,
  • Indigenous peoples,
  • People living in poverty,
  • Political participation,
  • Communication (internal and external), and,
  • Institutional Strengthening

University students and professionals from different areas are needed in the academic, operational and technical fields:

  • Operational: logistics for education in human rights activities (courses, seminars, workshops and other meetings).
  • Technical: Portuguese and English translators, video and text editing, web and graphic design, and archivists, librarians and secretarial work.
  • Academics: support the research in law, political science, international affairs, sociology, pedagogy, education sciences, among others.

The program is designed to develop the interns’ areas of interest and encourage application of their skills, creativity and new ideas and, at the same time, offer training on human rights principles and systems of protection.

The internships may be performed at the headquarters in San José, Costa Rica or the offices in Bogota, Colombia and Montevideo, Uruguay.

For additional information may be obtained at: