Relevant actions

  • Member of the group responsible for the drafting of the Public Policy of Human Rights of the Presidential Program of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law with the Vice President of the Republic.
  • Colombian Interdisciplinary Course in Human Rights (Medellín, March 2013) together with numerous civil institutions and organizations, among which the University of Medellín, the Office of the Mayor of Medellín and the Government of Antioquia.
  • Technical support to the Government of Colombia’s Unit for Attention and Reparation of Victims. Among the activities were:

o Drafting and implementing effective participative strategies of the victims of the armed conflict for the Sub-Directorate of Participation;

o Drafting the Protocol of Effective Participation of Victims, and,

o Strengthening the staff members of the Sub-Directorate of the National Territory that has an impact on the process.

  • Simultaneously carrying out another project with the General Secretariat of the Office of the Mayor of Bogotá, through the High Council for the Rights of Victims, Peace and  Reconciliation.

The support to the Unit for Attention and Reparation of Victims and the Office of the Mayor of Bogotá is offered under the interinstitutional agreements to make effective Law 1448 of 2011, its reglamentary and special decrees that allow measures of attention, assistance and reparation to the victims of the internal armed conflict in Colombia. The IIHR Office in Colombia is headed by Juan Navarrete, a Venezuelan lawyer with a long trajectory in the protection and promotion of human rights. His team also includes the Office Manager, Adriana Piquero, a Colombian lawyer and political scientist; the academic advisor, Carlos Mendieta, an anthropologist and human rights specialist, and several consultants.