Relevant actions

  • Strengthening democracy through CAPEL, which since 1985 has been the Executive Secretariat of the oldest electoral network in the world comprised of associations of electoral bodies from throughout the hemisphere (Protocols of Tikal, Quito and the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies). In that role, CAPEL has been involved in some 250 electoral observation missions in the region.
  • Fostering education in human rights through virtual and on-site courses, seminars, workshops and educational proposals. There follows some of the most important activities:

o   Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights.

o   Inter-American Course on Elections and Democracy.

o   Diploma Program with the Inter-University Program of Human Rights with AUSJAL.

o  Specialized Course for State Officials on the Use of the Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights.

o   Inter-American Virtual Classroom.

  • Promotion:

o Support for the organs of the Inter-American System of Human Rights.

o Dissemination of doctrine, jurisprudence and domestic and international legislation on human rights through the I/A Court and IIHR Joint Library, Center of Documentation, Web page and social networks.

o Publications: production and distribution of books, printed didactic, audio-visual and digital materials on the Inter-American System on Human Rights, political-electoral rights, economic, social and cultural rights, education in human rights and the rights of women, indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants, among other issues.

  • Reserarch on the rights of women, indigenous peoples; the relationship between poverty, democracy and human rights; electoral systems and legislation, political-electoral participation, penal systems and access to justice, among many other matters.