Relevant actions

There have been a number of activities in the area of education in human rights with innovative ideas regarding diversity and gender equality, new technologies, the social responsibility of businesses and art and culture.

  • Technical assistence to IPPDH for the creation of a map on education in human rights in the MERCOSUR countries at the request of the RAADDHH.
  • “First Infancy: Art, Well-being and Human Rights” project with the TS, the INDH and the ANEP.
  • Supporting the efforts of Uruguay and other countries of the Southern Cone to implement national plans of education in human Rights.
  • Brazilian Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights, which has been held annually since 2012 with a broad range of public and civil society organizations, among them the Brazilian Institute of Human Rights (principal partner), the CEEPGEC, the UNIFOR and the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Government of Brazil. Under the theme “excellence and impact,” the Course opens doors for the IIHR in Brazil.
  • Other specialized courses, training and seminars on human rights issues in the Inter-American System in close collaboration with the organs of protection of the system and other relevant stakeholders in the Southern Cone, such as:

o “International Master’s Degree in Human Rights, with an emphasis on Conventionality: with the CSJ and the UC, both of Paraguay.

Regarding citizen security and police training, the IIHR Office has been working with the Investigative Police of Chile in developing a training strategy. Among the activities are:

  • • The International Diploma on Human Rights and Security in the Framework of Police Work, with the PDDI and the support of the Chilean Agency of International Cooperation.
  • The promtion and implantation of a preventive, communitarian and participative Multiple Response System in various countries of the Southern Cone.