Regional Office in Uruguay


The IIHR Regional Office in South America is located in Montevideo, Uruguay. It was established on March 5, 2009 by means of a Headquarters Agreement between the IIHR and the Government of Uruguay. The OAS Secretary General participated in the Agreement.

The Regional Office has embarked on a line of strategic work and has consolidated important alliances promoting various institutional actions in projects with a regional, sub-regional or national scope. Its work in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile is highly recognized, as, for example, by the Meeting of Senior Officials on Human Rights and Foreign Ministries of Mercosur and Associated States.

It has established partnerships with different public and academic organizations and civil society, such as:

Mercosur institutions, in particular, Parlasur, the Meeting of Senior Officials on Human Rights, and the Institute of Public Policies and Human Rights.

  • Teatro Solís de Montevideo.
  • National Institute of Human Rights and the Ombudsman Office of Uruguay.
  • National Administration of Public Education of Uruguay.
  • Supreme Court of Justice of Paraguay.
  • Universidad de Columbia of Paraguay.
  • Investigative Police of Chile.
  • Brazilian Institute of Human Rights.
  • Center for Studies and Training of the Attorney General’s Office of Ceará State.
  • Universidad de Fortaleza.
  • Human Rights Secretariat of the Government of Brazil.

Relevant Actions

Coordination and representation

The IIHR Regional Office in South America is represented and coordinated by Soledad García, Spanish/Argentine lawyer, graduate university professor, with extensive experience in the protection and promotion of human rights, especially regarding gender equality issues and women’s rights.


- C/Luis Piera 1992, Edificio Mercosur

  Oficina 211, "Sala Belela Herrera"

  CP 11200 Montevideo

  República Oriental del Uruguay

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- Telephone / Fax: (598) 2410 8875

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