Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights

The Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights, an emblematic activity

The promotion of and education in human rights among the most varied social, professional and political sectors finds its paradigmatic expression in the Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights, a specialized program that fast became the emblematic activity of the IIHR. Held annually since 1983, the Course was inaugurated on September 14 of that year and this year marked its 33rd edition.

Recognized as the most important academic point of convergence in the human rights movement in the Americas, among its alumni are many of the human rights leaders and activists of the hemisphere.

The First Brazilian Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights was held in 2012 in Fortaleza, capital of the State of Ceará; its fourth edition was held in 2015. On the other hand, the First Colombian Interdisciplinary Course was held in 2013 in Medellín.

What is the purpose of an interdisplinary course on human rights?

On the one hand, the creaton of the Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights falls under the purposes of the IIHR, as set out in its Statute:

Artícle 5. The aims of the Institute shall be the teaching, research and promotion of human rights, with a multidisciplinary approach that should pay particular attention to the problems of the Americas.

On the other hand, the IIHR owed its creation in 1980 to the need to educate the peoples of the hemisphere in human rights, as indicated by its founder, Professor Thomas Buergenthal, then judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

The result was the establishment of an intersectorial and multidisciplinary permanent forum to train in human rights and the inter-American system of protection, as well as for the exchange of visions and experiences of persons from civil society, public institutions and international bodies who work for the effective compliance of human rights and the creation and strengthening of democratic institutionality and well-being.

High academic quality

Well-known specialists are responsible for the programs of the Interdisciplinary Course, which has allowed the IIHR to offer an important contribution to the doctrine of human rights.

The annual event revolves around a relevant theme that is determined at the moment of planning, a process that takes into account theoretical and methodological aspects such as the Latin American human rights context.

This guarantees the adaptation of the academic part to the needs derived from the reality of our countries in a fortunate combination of renovation and permanence without losing sight of its multidisciplinary and multisectorial features.


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