Virtual Course on Social Auditing with Focus on Human Rights begins

Fecha: (7/27/2021 2:31:44 PM)

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San José, Costa Rica. With the collaboration of Costa Rica Íntegra and under the auspisces of the Embassy of Sweden in Guatemala, the third edition of the Virtual Course on Social Auditing with a Focus on Human Rights took place on July 1, 2021, with 85 participants from different countries of the region. The general objective of the course is to “provide tools that will allow the development of the abilities of the citizenry to independently exercise oversight of the public administration in matters of interest with a focus on human rights, especially environmental, and specifically to promote citizen control and impact for a better compliance of human rights; improve the awareness of the participants in identifying and differentiating models of citizen participation; and improve their capacities and practical skills for a technical design of social auditing or surveillance to implement in their countries.   

Attending the inauguration, in addition to the participants, were Larissa Segura, IIHR Project Coordinator; Andrés Araya, Executive Director of Costa Rica Íntegra; Douglas Chacón, expert in Policy and Communication and Course Docent; Evelyn Fernández, IIHR Project Official; Luis Hernández, in charge of the Inter-American Virtual Classroom and Jessica Castañeda, Head of Communications of Costa Rica Íntegra.

The first module of the activity concerns such basic concepts as citizenship and democracy beyond that of elections and general citizen participation; the second module will deal with the broad world of citizen control as a form of civic participation and good practices of citizen and social surveillance and, finally, the third module will have a more practical focus, entitled "Learning How to Conduct Social Surveillance,” where the participants will learn key factors for the success of social surveillance and how to design a project of social surveillance.

The Course, which will conclude on August 13, is being held in collaboration with Costa Rica Íntegra and under the auspisces of the Embassy of Sweden as part of the project on New Human Rights Challenges: Promotion and Protection of the Environment, Sexual and Reproductive Health and their Protection in Cenral America.


Video of the inauguration on June 28:

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