Convention 108: The IIHR has been granted "Observer Status"

Fecha: (5/10/2021 10:23:05 AM)

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It is a pleasure to announce that the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights has been granted the status of observer with the Committee of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data (“Convention 108”). 

On May 7th, the IIHR was informed by the President of the Committe, Alessandra Pierucci, that, further to the decision of the parties to Convention 108, the Institute has unanimously been granted the observer status.

"For our Institute, it will be an honor to collaborate with the Committee in the data protection field by providing our views and experience, particularly on human rights standards well established in the Inter American System on Human Rights " said the Executive Director of the IIHR, José Thompson J.

The next -virtual- plenary meeting of the Committee will be held on June 28-30, 2021 and the Institute will be represented by Eduardo Bertoni, currently the Alternative Representative and Coordinator of the South America Regional Office based in Montevideo.

The Committee of Convention 108 is integrated by representatives of the States parties and complemented by observers from other States, international organizations and non-governmental organizations. The Convention 108 was opened for signature on 28 January 1981 and was the first legally binding international instrument in the data protection field. Under this Convention, the parties are required to take the necessary steps in their domestic legislation to apply the principles it lays down in order to ensure respect in their territory for the fundamental human rights of all individuals with regard to processing of personal data.

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