Workshop for Trainers in the Protection and Care of Defenders of the Environment in Honduras and Guatemala

Fecha: (11/15/2021 10:01:16 AM)


Honduras and San José, Costa Rica. The Workshop for Trainers in the Protection and Care of Defenders of the Environment in Honduras and Guatemala was held November 2-5, 2021. The activity coincided with the Conference of the Parties (COP26) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, where world leaders met in Scotland. The Workshop, thus, was part of the effort to adopt a focus on human rights in all of the political and other actions in the matter, as was pointed out in the press release of the Special Rapporteur for Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Among other topics, the press release underlined the work of the defenders of the environment and the need for recognition and special protection that must be given to their efforts in defending human rights, which are fundamental for strengthening democracy and the rule of law.   

More than 40 defenders of a healthy environment of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and Chile participated in the event. In addition, with the important support of Oxfam in Honduras, the invitation was extended to defenders of five departments of that country. Given their leadership role, it is expected that there will be a multiplier effect in their respective societal and community organizations so that what they learned will reach the inhabitants of the zones in which they work.

The topics discussed in the workshop were the following:

  1. Current situation of the defenders in Honduras and Guatemala.
  2. Security risks, threats and incidents.
  3. Measures of protection and self-care.
  4. Digital tools for the defense of the rights of the defenders of the environment.
  5. Security councils and plans for self-protection.
  6. Measures of protection of defenders of the environment and conclusions.

The Workshop was conducted by María Eugenia Álamos, a specialist in training in human rights and the environment of the IIHR. She was aided by Evelyn Fernández, Larissa Segura and Maureen Rojas of the IIHR.

The following books may be downloaded without charge:

The socio-environmental problematic in Honduras and Guatemala: justice, protection and defense of the inter-American and domestic environments