Dialogues and Workshops on Social Auditing with Focus on Human Rights

Fecha: (9/14/2021 10:25:19 AM)

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San José, Costa Rica. A series of dialogues have been held during the months of July, August and September as part of the virtual course Social Auditing with a Focus on Human Rights. The first two meetings dealt with citizenship, democracy and citizen participation.The following four concerned citizen control, good practices in the area of social auditing, key oversight factors and the criteria to be incorporated into the final project. The meetings also served to resolve doubts of the participants.

The workshops began on August 20 and are dedicated to making a map of the actors, a risk analysis and managing the support. For his part, the professor is reviewing the schedule of activities; the monitoring and follow-up of the auditing; current news in auditing and the final dates of the project.

The Course, the theoretical part of which ended on August 13, is in collaboration with Costa Rica Íntegra  and supported by the Embassy of Sweden as part of the project New Human Rights  Challenges: Promotion and Protection of the Right to a Clean Environment, Sexual and Reproductive Health and their Defense in Central America.

Videos of the classes, dialogues and workshops of the Course are available on YouTube.