IIHR Commemorates Human Rights Day

Fecha: (12/13/2021 3:25:55 PM)

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Each December 10, we remember and honor one of the landmarks in the recent history of humanity: the adoption in 1948 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly, one of the first acts of the international community that set out the commitment to prevent the repetition of the atrocities of the Second World War. The Declaration was the product of the joint and enlightened  efforts and will of men and women, such as Eleanor Roosevelt and René Cassin. The brief catalogue of humanizing aspirations set forth in its text marked the beginning of a vast normative, doctrinal and institutional corpus that seeks to protect our rights; standing out in that text is the essence of the first two articles: the liberty and equality of each human being, without discrimination, and the respect for our dignity.   

On the 73rd anniversary of the Declaration, we live in a hemisphere every day more unequal in which we witness tendencies that undermine the Rule of Law and, therefore, democratic progress; in which societies confront the havoc being wreaked by the pandemic and the emergance of new and continuing challenges for human rights, such as climate change and those that involve information technology and its threats to privacy and an improper use of our personal data, together with the prevalence of former ills, such as the multiple discriminations.

Faced with this panorama, there is always the hope that is based on the civilizing current that stems from the dawn of humanity. Today, the IIHR salutes and recognizes the commitment of each one who, from his or her organizations and communities, continues to fight for the full effectiveness of the ideals, values and principles of the Universal Declaration, and with whom we join by carrying out our mandate of human rights research, promotion and teaching in the hemisphere.