Panel on “How to strengthen our democracies: the role of our public leadership”

Fecha: (11/23/2021 9:46:23 AM)


San José, Costa Rica. On October 8, 2021, Eduardo Bertoni (IIHR Representative and Coordinator of the Regional Office for South America) participated on the panel on “How to strengthen our democracies: the role of public leadership,” organized by the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (RELE/CIDH) and the Center of Studies on Freedom of Expression and the Access to Information (CELE), of the University of Palermo (Argentina), with the support of the IIHR.


The event opened with the Diálogo de las Américas sobre la libertad de expresión en internet,where they discussed the role of public leadership and its responsibilities with respect to political participation and deliberation, especially with regard to its discourse. One of the bases of the reflections was the IIHR and CELE study entitled La Mentira de los funcionarios, ¿tiene patas cortas o efectos largos?for AlSur, an entity of organizations of civil society that monitors human rights on the Internet.


Participating, in addition to Mr. Bertoni, were Pedro Vaca, IACHR Special Rapporteur; Agustina del Campo, Director of the CELE; Juan Carlos Arjona, First Visitor General of the Commission of Human Rights of Mexico City; Heloísa Massaro, Head of Research Information and Policy of InternetLab) and Carolina Rossini, Consultant of Dialogue of the Americas.