IIHR participates in Latin American CPDP panel

Fecha: (7/20/2021 9:52:10 AM)


Montevideo, Uruguay. On July 15, 2021, Eduardo Bertoni, IIHR Representative and Coordinator of the Regional Office for South America, was one of the experts on the panel “At the Intersection of AI and Data Protection Law: Automated Decision Making Rules, a Global Perspective,” the first of the Latin American CPDP Conferences (Computers, Privacy & Data Protection).


Also participating were the moderator, Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna, of the Future of Privacy Forum, Katerina Demetzou, also of FPF, Simon Hania, of Uber, and Laura Schertel Mendes, of the University of Brasilia.


Among the topics discussed at the activity were the legal provisions and current projects in this field for the protection of personal data applied to artificial intelligence and similar technologies; profiling and automated decision-making; recent court cases, and the legal approach to individual decisions based on automated processes.