New activities for diploma students on strategic litigation regarding socio-environmental conflicts

Fecha: (9/27/2022 10:51:00 AM)



San José, Costa Rica. September 23, 2022

The academic program of the Fourth Edition of the Diploma Course on Strategic Litigation to Defend and Protect a Healthy Environment continued during the month of September. Classes were held on “Free, informed and prior consultation. Progress and current standards;” “Strategic litigation on human rights” and “The environment and the perspective of gender in the Inter-American System of Human Rights,” led, respectively, by the recognized experts Erika Gabriela Suárez Flores (Peru), Laura Santacoloma (Colombia),Alexandra Cabrera Sánchez (Peru) and Nick Middeldorp, who complemented the conference of Ms. Suárez with a talk on “The right to prior consultation: a tool for defending territory?”

Some 40 participants from social organizations who litigate on this issue, or intend to do so, began this important training activity on July 1 and will finish this November 5.

In addition, at the on-site diploma course “Human Rights and the Environment,” an initiative at the Universidad del Valle, of Colombia, Alejandro Cruzatti lectured on the inter-American and international norms in this area to members of local organizations, who are participants in the academic activity and who are involved in defending the land, territory and nature in the Cauca region.