Virtual forum “Current Principles on Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

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Washington, D.C. and Montevideo, Uruguay. The virtual forum “Current Principles on Privacy and Personal Data Protection of the Inter-American Juridical Committee,” an initiative of the IIHR through its Regional Office for South America in conjunction with the Inter-American Juridical Committee (ICJ) of the Organization of American Statesk (OAS), took place on September 23, 2021.


The forum, moderated by Claudia Barrientos (OAS Representative in Uruguay, was opened by Dante Negro, Director of the Departament of International Law of the OAS.


This was followed by remarks of the IIHR President, Claudio Grossman, who stated that the “Principles of the Inter-American Juridical Committee, which will be debated here, have become a very important topic for the Inter-American System of Human Rights and should be taken into account by the OAS Member States at the next General Assembly.”


He explained that “the IIHR Regional Office for South America has promoted studies of the impact on human rights of the rules regarding the pandemic; ABOVE ALL with respect to the use of technologies involved in applications, systems of geolocalization, etc. that place  the right to privacy in risk. These matters are and will continue to be part of the work of the IIHR.”


The main lectures, entitled “A Glance at the Current Principles on Privacy and the Protection of Personal Data of the ICJ” and “The Ibero-American Standards of the Protection of Personal Data and their Compatibility with the Current Principles of the ICJ” were given by Mariana Salazar Albornoz, ICJ member and rapporteur for the protection of personal data, and Felipe Rotondo, former President of the Ibero-American Network of Data Protection, respectively.


Ms. Salazar presented a broad explanation on the Principles and Mr. Rotondo stated that they have a clear compatibility and coexistence with the standards of the Network and pointed out that it was important that they be adopted by the OAS General Assembly. There followed a question and answer session with the public.


In his conclusions, Eduardo Bertoni, Representative and Coordinator of the IIHR Regional Office, underscored the importance of the event, a human rights initiative of the IIHR, the broadening of the protection of the Current Principles and the importance that they be adopted in the next General Assembly.


Closing the virtual forum, Jaime Moreno-Valle, Senior Legal Office of the Department of International Law, in addition to thanking the panelists, referred to new developments in the context of the regional organization.


Principios Actualizados sobre la Privacidad y la Protección de Datos Personales, con anotaciones (CJI)

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