Meeting on human rights of women

Fecha: (3/5/2021 2:14:21 PM)


San José, Costa Rica. On February 24, 2021, the IIHR, together with members of civil society organizations, the diplomatic corps and the UN system, participated in a meeting convoked by the Embassy of Canada in El Salvador.

In addition to a presentation of the IIHR’s work in the area by Larissa Segura and Evelyn Fernández, the agenda included the following topics: the context of sexual and reproductive rights in El Salvador, elections and constitutional reform by Morena Herrera, of the Citizen’s Group for the Decriminalization of Abortion, the sexual and reproductive rights of women and girls in times of COVID-19, by Marta Alicia Hernández, and the Case of Manuela et al. vs. El Salvador and its impact in the region, given by Sara García, of the Citizen’s Group.

With respect to the last point, information was provided about the public hearing that the Inter-American Court of Human Rights is to hold March 10-11, starting at 8:00 a. m. (hour of Costa Rica). The topic has been closely followed by the IIHR and the international community, especially by all of the institutions and organizations that work in El Salvador, the IIHR among them, that promote the guarantee and due compliance of the rights of women who suffer obstetric emergencies, a matter supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Guatemala.