Forum of “Access to Public Information in Context of Open Justice”

Fecha: (10/4/2021 11:27:30 AM)


San José, Costa Rica. On September 28, 2021, as part of the celebration of  the International Day of Universal Access to Information, the Judiciary of Costa Rica and the National Commission for the Improvement of the Administration of Justice (CONAMAJ) held a forum on “Access to Public Information in the Context of Open Justice.

The forum included a juridical analysis of the right to access to public information from the parameters established by the Organization of American States, its development and its relationship with open justice and the situation of this right in Guatemala.

Ana Virginia Calzada Miranda, former President of the Constitutional Chamber of Costa Rica, moderated the event. Welcoming the participants and the public were Alejandro Sánchez Garrido, Coordinator of the Open Justice and Transparency Component of the USAID Justice and Transparency Project, and Judge Fernando Cruz Castro, President of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica.

This was followed by the following lectures:


  • Latin American Guidelines and the Development of the Right to Access to Public Information, Eduardo Bertoni, Representative and Coordinator of the IIHR Regional Office for South America;
  • Contemporary Perspectives of the Right to Public Information, Alfredo Chirino, Dean of the Law School, University of Costa Rica.
  • Standards for a Model Law for Access to Public Information 2.0, Jaime Moreno-Valle, Principal legal officer of the OAS Department of International Law; and
  • Situation of the Right to Access to Public Information in Guatemala. Maria Eugenia Morales Aceña, Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice of Guatemala.


The activity concluded with words from Sara Castillo, Executive Director of CONAMAJ.