Panel on Freedom of Expression and Regulation of Internet

Fecha: (9/20/2021 10:42:00 AM)

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A panel on Freedom of Expression and the Regulation of the Internet, organized by the IIHR, through its Regional Office for South America, and the Registry of Internet Addresses in Latin America (LACNIC), took place on July 28, 2021.

The participants were welcomed by José Thompson, IIHR Executive Director, and Miguel Ignacio Estrada, Head of Strategic Affairs of LACNIC, which was followed by a debate on the observation, or not, of the guidelines contained in the Joint Declaration on Freedom of Expression and the Internet, 10 years after its issuance, the situation of the exercise of freedom of expression on the Internet and the blocking of content and regulations by the governments and its risks and implications.

Participating in the conversation, which was moderated by Carolina Aguerre, Co-Director of the Center of Technology and Society (CETYS), were Oscar Robles, Executive Director of LACNIC and Danilo Doneda, Professor, IDP University. This was followed by a question and answer period for the more than 80 participants, which was moderated by Paula Oteguy, of the LACNIC Strategic Affairs staff. Before the close of the event, Eduardo Bertoni (IIHR Representative and Coordinator of the Regional Office for South America, and Mr. Estrada addressed the participants.

*LACNIC is a non-governmental organization that assigns and administers Internet number resources (IPv4, IPv6), Autonomous System Numbers and Reverse Resolution for the region.

Joint Declaration on Freedom of Expression and the Internet (2011) & Video of the event 

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