Communications campaign on transparency, accountability and human rights

Fecha: (11/6/2018 12:08:52 PM)


San José, Costa Rica. The IIHR is carrying out its “Communications campaign so that civil society understands the relationship between transparency and human rights,” as part of the implementation of activities and projects related to one of the thematic priorities (transparent and participative actions) of its Strategic Framework 2015-2020. 


On October 17, 2018, the IIHR participated in a meeting with the National Union of Local Governments of Costa Rica in which it obtained the support of the Union to promote a campaign and complementary actions regarding the rights to access to information, petition and accountability as human rights.


Three days later, the IIHR witnessed the signing of the Agreement for Coooperation and Collaboration regarding Human Development and Integral Health between the SIFAIS Foundation and the Association of the Beraca Day Center for Adults. This initiative is the result of citizen action for those rights on the municipal level.  


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