IIHR trains British embassy staff in countries of region in human rights

Fecha: (3/3/2017 9:38:48 AM)


Bogotá, Colombia. The Tailored Human Rights Training for the Fco's Americas Human Rights Network  was held February 28 to March 3, 2017 in Bogotá. It was a course for career staff of the diplomatic corps of Great Britain who have political functions, among them political officers and chargés d’affaires; staff assigned to the political section of the embassies in charge of human rights and democracy; and members of the Foreign Office’s Department of Human Rights, with headquarters in London.  

The objective of the course was to strengthen the capacities of the British embassy staff in Latin America and the Caribbean who deal with human rights, with the idea of reaching a common understanding, with a regional focus, on the matters that are a priority for the Foreign Office (FCO), to wit: democracy and the Rule of Law; human rights for a stable world, and the interaction among the international systems of human rights.


The meeting was inaugurated with a lecture by Josette Altmann, General Secretary of FLACSO. On March 1, there were talks on The Inter American Human Rights System (Silvia Fitte de Amieva), The rules based international system: a review of the UN Protection System from a Latin American perspective (Fabián Salvioli) and FCO’s human rights and democracy work in Latin American and the Caribbean (Irene Coello and Matt Woody). The second day featured lectures on How do the Universal and the Inter American Human Rights Systems interact? (Silvia Fitte de Amieva and Fabian Salvioli), Human security and human rights for a safer world (Juan Navarrete and Adriana Piquero, IIHR Representative and Office Manager in Colombia, respectively) and Human rights defenders in the Americas and vulnerable groups: women, children, indigenous communities and afrodescendants (Adalberto Mendez). March 3rd was devoted to the study of the following subjects: Sustainable Development Goals as a way to promote human rights and achieve regional development (Carlos Gutiérrez), Gender, diversity and human rights: achievements and challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean (Marcela Sánchez) and Business and human rights: regional achievements and challenges (Adalberto Mendez).

The coordinator of the program was Jorge Padilla (Coordinator of the Center of Resources and Studies for Education in Human Rights–CREEDH/IIHR) and Irene Coello (FCO human rights official in oficial Caracas), who were assisted by Narath Aguilar and Ivonne Vindas, of the IIHR.

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