CAPEL provides technical assistance to National Electoral Council of Ecuador

Fecha: (2/28/2020 10:43:05 AM)


Quito, Ecuador. The first phase of technical assistance to the National Electoral Council of Ecuador (CNE) took place February 26-28, 2020. The project involves re-engineering the system of computation, which is part of the preparations for the elections that will be held next year.  

This first phase of the technical mission with the CNE was headed by Diana Atamaint, presidential advisor, and the members of the CNE. At the first meeting, it was agreed that, during the first of the four phases, the relevant documentation would be studied and an analisis of the system would be undertaken, resulting in a plan that would contain guidelines and recommendations.


CAPEL, represented by Tasheena Obando, headed the delegation that was comprised of Mario Pereira and Ingrid Chávez (Costa Rica), Ricardo Saavedra (Peru) and Gustavo Salomón (Paraguay), experts in electoral systems of computation.

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