Virtual training of staff of Nation-Territory Sub-Directorate

Fecha: (9/7/2015 4:44:32 PM)

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Bogotá, Colombia. During a simple ceremony on August 4, conducted by Juan Navarrete, IIHR representative, the participants of the virtual course “Internal Mechanisms of Human Rights Protection and Promotion” received their certificates.

The course was taught by the IIHR’s local office to the staff of the Nation-Territory Sub Directorate of the Unit for Attention and Reparation of Victims with the aim of strengthening the staff’s skills in implementing the “Articulation strategies for the public offer on a national and regional level in regards to humanitarian aid, attention, assistance and reparation, as well as carrying out the necessary studies and research that support the proposal to create Territorial Committees of Transitional Justice to accompany the creation of action plans in the territories,” under Article 173 of Law 1448.

The course was given under the terms of Agreement of Association Nº. 1226, signed with the UARV in 2014 and which includes a virtual training component. Its implementation was in charge of the IIHR team in Colombia, comprised by IIHR representative Juan Navarrete; Adriana Piquero Echeverri, the office manager; Carlos Mendieta, academic coordinator, and Carlos Cuesta, project coordinator.

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