XXXV Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights

Fecha: (9/18/2017 10:59:24 AM)


San José, Costa Rica. The XXXV Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights Institutional Decisions, Transparency and Combating Corruption took place August 22-31, 2017. It was attended by almost 100 participants from 20 countries of the region. The Course was inaugurated by the President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís, who was accompanied by the IIHR President, Claudio Grossman, the IIHR Honorary President, Sonia Picado, and the IIHR Executive Director, José Thompson.. Also attending were judges and staff of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Costa Rican governmental officials, members of the diplomatic corps and the general public.     

Following welcoming remarks on the first day of the Course by Mr. Thompson and Jorge Padilla, IIHR Coordinator of Education, the participants were informed of the mechanics of the workshop study groups, directed by IIHR staff, and the case study that terminated in a moot case before the organs of the Inter-American System of Human Rights, under the charge  of Natalia Arce, special assistant to the Executive Director, and Edward Pérez and Patricia Tarré, I/A Court Secretariat lawyers.  

There were also lectures by experts, such as José Viera Gallo (Ambsssador of Chile to Argentina), Fabián Salvioli (former Chairperson of the UN Human Rights Committee and member of the IIHR General Assembly), Selene Soto (IACHR Secretariat lawyer), Alexei Julio Estrada (I/A Court Legal Director), Juan Jiménez Mayor (spokesperson of the Mission to Support the Fight against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras), Olger González (I/A Court Secretariat lawyer), Miguel Ángel Gálvez (Guatemalan judge), Eduardo Ferrer Mac-Gregor (Vice-President of the I/A Court), Montserrat Solano (Ombudsperson of Costa Rica), Oscar Parra Vera (former I/A Court Secretariat lawyer) Gisela de León (lawyer of the Center for Justice and International Law –CEJIL), Katya Salazar (Director of the Due Process Foundation), Eric Tardiff (Legal Advisor of the International Committee of the Red Cross), Ana Cristina Ruelas (Director for Mexico and Central America of Article 19), Carlos Ponce (Program  Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of Freedom House), Delia Ferreira (Consultant in the area of transparency, anti-corruption and electoral financing, among others), Manuel Espinoza (lawyer, consultant in the area of criminal responsibility of legal entities and programs of compliance) and Ana María Rodino (specialist in education, IIHR consultant).

Among the special activities of the Course were the presentation of International Standards of Freedom of Expression. Basic Guide for Operators of Justice in Latin America by its author, Silvia Chocaro; a panel comprised of Claudio Grossman, Sonia Picado and the IACHR Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression, Edison Lanza (both on August 23); and the presentation of Ius constitutionale commune in Latin America. Basic texts for its comprehension by Rogelio Flores, Coordinator of the Institute of Constitutional Studies  of the State of Querétaro, published by that Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law of Germany (August 29).

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