Close of diploma course on police function and human rights

Fecha: (1/26/2021 3:25:43 PM)

Clausura del diplomado sobre funcion policial y derechos humanos.png

San José, Costa Rica. The diploma course on “The Police Function, Rule of Law and Democracy: A Human Rights Focus in the Context of Social Demonstrations,” a joint activity that trained 120 agents of the Investigative Police of Chile (PDI) and seven agents of the Ibero-American School of Police (IBERPOL), held its final session on December 18, 2020.

Representing the IIHR were its President, Prof. Claudio Grossman, its Executive Director, José Thompson, and the general coordinator and tutor of the activity, Jorge Padilla. Representing the PDI were its National Director of Education and Doctrine, Marcelo Aguilera Quezada, the Head of Ethics and Human Rights, Katherine de la Fuente Núñez, and Marcela Avilés, a staff lawyer of that dependency.

This virtual course began on August 25, 2020 with a lecture on “Human Rights and Democracy: Challenges for a New Epoch” by Mr. Thompson, which was followed by 16 weeks of classes led by a distinguished roster of experts:

  • “Challenges of the Rule of Law and Democracy: Corruption as a Cause of Large Social Uprisings” (Juan Jiménez - Peru)
  • "Attaining Human Rights: The Pandemic and Vulnerable Persons” (Paola Carmona - Mexico)
  • "Challenges of the Inter-American System of Human Rights: Execution and Compliance of Judgments of the Inter-American Court” (Silvia Serrano - Georgetown University)
  • "Security and Human Rights: A Conceptual Focus and International Norms” (Carmen Rosa Villa - Peru)
  • “New Challenges in Managing Cyber Security”(Juan Carlos Nieto - Colombia)
  • "Use of Force in Dealing with Social Protests”  (Juan Navarrete - Venezuela)
  • “Violence and Discrimination: The Obligation to Investigate from the Perspective of Human Rights” (Ariel Dulitzky – United States)
  • “Emblematic Cases of the European Court of Human Right in the Area of Freedom of Expression and Social Protest” (Luis López Guerra - Spain)
  • “Public Policy with respect to the Right to Protest”
  • “Use of Force with a Focus on Human Rights” (Víctor Rodríguez - Costa Rica)
  • “Emblematic Cases in the Inter-American System of Human Rights: Use of Force and Human Rights” (María Leoni – United States)
  • “Imparting Justice with a Focus on Rights” (Fabián Salvioli - Argentina)
  • “Judicial Investigation with a Focus on Rights: Analysis of thek States’ Obligations” (Rogelio Flores - Mexico)
  • “The Impact of the Inter-American Trade Agreement on Social Movements (Protests and  Demonstrations)” (Leopoldo Maldonado - Mexico)
  • “The Role of  the Inter-American Trade Agreement with respect to Social Protests” (Eduardo Ulibarri - Costa Rica)

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