Agreement to strengthen participation of persons with disabilities in elections in Honduras

Fecha: (9/21/2017 12:06:37 PM)


Tegucigalpa, Honduras. On August 2, 2017, during the XXXV Conference of the Protocol of Tikal, the National Electoral Council (CNE), the National Council for Equal Treatment for Persons with Disabilities (CONADIS) and the National Federation of Ecuadorians with Physical Disabilities (FENEDIF), all Ecuadorian institutions, signed an agreement of inter-institutional cooperation with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Honduras (TSE) and the Center for Electoral Assistance and Promotion (IIHR/CAPEL) with the purpose of “creating and promoting … mechanisms of cooperation for the exchange of experiences that would strengthen actions to allow the full participation of persons with disabilities; with a focus on gender, interculturality and intergenerationality so that they are not excluded, respecting diversity and their political and democratic participation.”


To meet this objective, TSE staff will be trained in the transfer of methodologies to create administrative registries, monitoring by civil society and campaigns to promote the right to vote of persons with disabilities and the standards for a preferential  and assisted vote. There will also be a pilot program of “Voting at Home” for persons with severe disabilities and limited mobility.

Signing the Agreement were David Matamoros Batson, TSE President; Mauricio Tayupanta Noroña, CNE member; Pilar Merizalde Lalama, Executive Director of CONADIS; José Thompson Jiménez, Executive Director of the IIHR and CAPEL, and Xavier Torres Correa, President of FENEDIF.