IIHR participates in forum on citizen security and the peace process

Fecha: (7/7/2016 3:45:01 PM)

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Bogotá, Colombia. On June 15, 2016, Juan Navarrete, IIHR Representative in Colombia, participated in a forum on “Challenges of citizen security in rural and urban areas in the peace building process.” The organizers, the National Police of Colombia and the Committee for Strategic Review and Police Innovation (CREIP 4), proposed that an attempt be made to reach an intergral understanding that would result in a synergy among the multiple actors, entities and institutions to would lead to peace building .”

Mr. Navarrete spoke on reparations for victims and the reintegration of the former combatents .

The activity was held in the installations of the Post-graduate School of the Police and was attended by senior officials of the National Police and CREIP 4 .

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