On-line course on social auditing with a focus on human rights

Fecha: (9/11/2020 12:24:19 PM)

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San José, Costa Rica. The on-line course “Social Auditing with a Focus on Human Rights,” an initiative of the IIHR, took place on the platform of the Inter-American Virtual Classroom (AVI) from July 1 to August 15, 2020. 

Coordinated by Larissa Segura with Evelyn Villarreal and Douglas Sequeira as tutors, 38 participants from Honduras and Guatemala studied the following matters:

  • Active citizenship pro human rights.
  • Citizenship.
  • Democracy: more than just elections.
  • Civic participation.
  • Civic control: a means of civic participation.
  • Good practices for civic and social oversight.
  • Key factors for the success of social oversight.

This was a virtual theoretical-practical course with tutors to guide and give feedback to the participants. The modules were designed to facilitate the exercise  of the theory and practice of oversight. They were complemented by interactive materials, obligatory and additional lectures, as well as graphs and audio and visual presentations. In addition, each module contained a virtual forum on a theme so that the participants could interact and receive feedback from the tutors.

The AVI set up a forum of resolve doubts and created an internal message system so as to allow the tutors to provide guidance and information as well as the sharing of questions and answers among the participants.