International Course on Inter-American System of Protection of Human Rights

Fecha: (8/16/2019 3:20:38 PM)


San José, Costa Rica. The on-site part of the International Course on the Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights took place July 8-11, 2019. It was attended by 70 graduates and students of their final year of law school at the Cúcuta branch of the Universidad Libre of Colombia.


During the eight-week Course, the participants studied the use of the main legal instruments of human right protection provided by the inter-American system and their application in the domestic law of Colombia as a response to the challenges to the full enjoyment of human rights in that country, with emphasis on human mobility. They also learned about the structure of the two principal organs of the System –the Inter-American Commission and Court– and the evolution of the protection offered in compliance of their mandates.


This on-site activity completed the Course, which included seven weeks of virtual training, through the platform of the IIHR Inter-American Virtual Classroom, that extended from May 9 to June 30.


The International Course was coordinated by Adriana Piquero, an IIHR Representative in Colombia, and Jorge Padilla, Coordinator of Education in the IIHR.