Specialized Course in Human Rights

Fecha: (5/17/2018 3:24:14 PM)


Panama City. The first on-site session of the Specialized Course on Human Rights took place on January 18 2018 for 179 staff members of the Office of the Ombudsman of Panama, who, during six months, will be trained and brought-up-to-date by the IIHR so that they might better serve the public.


In his opening address, the Ombudsman, Alfredo Castillero Hoyos, stated that “this training will aid the Office to claim its proper place in its work of protecting and defending human rights and that the Course is essential for the continual training that we wish to give to our colleagues nationally.”   

The Specialized Course is given in two formats: on-line, through the IIHR Inter-American Virtual Classroom; and on-site, in classes for the five groups into which the staff were divided. The first class was a joint undertaking of Jorge Padilla, IIHR Coordinator of Education, and Claudia Muñetón, a specialist on the international responsibility of the State and the international systems of protection. The next session, on March 20, will feature the IIHR Executive Director, José Thompson.