Course on human rights, migration and gender for justice operators

Fecha: (11/24/2017 9:47:31 AM)


Mexico City. The course on “International norms on human rights, migration and gender” is taking place during the month of November for justice operators in Mexico. Organized together with the Judicial Branch of Mexico, its purpose is to “strengthen the knowledge and abilities of the justice operators regarding the systems and instruments of international human rights protection, as well as to provide tools for their application.” It is hoped that this training will  sensitize the participants, broaden their knowledge in the area and develop their abilities in applying the international human right norms, especially in areas in which the State is accountable before the international community.  

Among the topics being studied are the inter-American and universal systems of protection, the incorporation into domestic law of the norms of both systems, good practices in their application in cases of gender equality and the protection of migrants, the displaced and refugees, as well as control of conventionality in those matters dealing with both issues. There is also a practical workshop on human rights, migration and gender.  


The training, provided by Carlos Pelayo Moller, Yuria Saavedra, Alejandra Nuño and Zamir Fajardo, is taking place at the Institute of the Federal Judiciary on diffenent dates: November 6-10 and November 27-December 1 for magistrates and judges; November 21-24 and December 4-8  for secretaries. Representing the IIHR are Ricardo Scagliola, of its Regional Office for South America, during the first week and Jorge Padilla, Coordinator of its Center of Studies and Resources for Education in Human Rights, during the second week.

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