Course on human rights and the international systems of protection of human rights

Fecha: (11/16/2016 9:38:24 AM)

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San José, Costa Rica. A course on The Introduction to Human Rights and to the International Systems of Protection of Human Rights, organized by the Institute, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the UN Office in Costa Rica, with the collaboration of the Costa Rican Office of the Ombudsman, was held November 10-11. 

After the opening remarks by IIHR Executive Director, José Thompson, a staff lawyer of the I/A Court, Bruno Rodríguez Reveggino offered details about the Course. He was followed by Pablo González Domínguez, a consultant at the Court, who lectured on “Content, Origin and Evolution of Human Rights” and “Normative Instruments.” In the afternoon, the participants were instructed on the international protection of human rights under the inter-American and universal systems, led by Mr. Rodríguez and Carlos Gaio, also a staff lawyer.

A case-study workshop was held on November 11 on the international standards of human rights. The aspects on equality and non-discrimination and gender were conducted by Edward Pérez and Julie Recinos, staff lawyers of the I/A Court.

Participating in the Course were 34 staff members of public institutions in Costa Rica (Office of the Ombudsman, Ministry of Public Education and the institutions that deal with electricity, petroleum and water) and the UN agencies located in Costa Rica