Course on the inter-American and universal systems of the human rights of women for providers of health services

Fecha: (1/14/2020 3:21:20 PM)


San Salvador, El Salvador. The “Course on the Inter-American and Universal Systems of the Human Rights of Women for Providers of Health Services” was held December 5-6, 2019.


The participants, who work in the area of the health sciences, learned about the two international systems of protection, the relationship between between bioethics and human rights and reproductive rights (body, gender, health and justice).


Other issues dealt with were medicine based on the evidence and reproductive health from the perspective of human rights and obstretic violence.


The Course, financed by the Government of Sweden, had two phases (didactic and on-site), the latter of which was led by a team of IIHR specialists, Gabriela Arguedas and Viviana Guerrero, and was coordinated by Evelyn Fernández and Larissa Segura, also of the Institute.

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