Dialogues of AMEA experts in times of the pandemic

Fecha: (4/6/2021 2:19:04 PM)


San José, Costa Rica. On August 17, 2020, the Association of Women Electoral Magistrates of the Americas (AMEA), with its Executive Secretariat -the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (CAPEL)-, the National Electoral Council of Colombia (CNE) and the National Electoral Institute of Mexico organized the “Dialogues of AMEA experts in times of the pandemic.”  


Adriana Favela and Doris Méndez, President and Vice President of AMEA, respectively, and José Thompson, Technical Secretary of AMEA, welcomed the participants.


The discussions, moderated by Idayris Yolima Carrillo, former President of AMEA and  of the CNE, covered the following topics: protocols of biosecurity and training with a perspective on gender; political violence against women for reasons of gender; impact of the pandemic on the political participation of women as candidates and as voters, and electoral propaganda and the digital gap in times of the pandemic. Representatives of the electoral bodies of Chile, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bolivia and Spain participated in the event, the objective of which was “to construct a constructive dialogue on the new dynamics facing counties as they hold elections, with a perspective of gender in the midst of Covid-19, to learn of the new challenges of the political participation of women and to exchange experiences of the States that have held elections or will soon hold them in order to build on the lessons learned.”   

More information (in Spanish) here