Third edition of the Electoral Dictionary now available

Fecha: (10/4/2017 9:26:45 AM)


Since its first edition in 1989, the Electoral Dictionary, a publication of the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIHR/CAPEL), has been recognized as a useful and important reference work on key elements in the electoral field. It is composed of articles by, among others, academics, politicians and electoral authorities of the region and the world.

Since the publication of the second edition in 2000, there have been important juridical and administrative changes in both the electoral and political fields, which has led to a need to modify, modernize and broaden the concepts and specialized language found in the second edition.

The objectives that guided the preparation of this new edition of the Electoral Dictionary were the following:

  • Relaunch a publication that describes clearly and simply the most commonly used words and phrases of Electoral Law and the organization of elections in Ibero-America.
  • Improve a reference book that promotes the dissemination, formation and information of those interested in electoral matters.
  • Compile the new concepts that have been introduced in the electoral area as well as to review and bring up-to-date the existing vocabulary in Electoral Law and the organization of elections.

The publication of this edition of the Dictionary is a joint effort of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judiciary of Mexico and the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights, through IIHR/CAPEL, as well as the long-standing commitments and important contributions of the authors who have shared their knowledge and experience in the field.

This third edition of the Dictionary (in Spanish) is available on the IIHR/CAPEL Web page and may be downloaded free of charge at

More information (in Spanish) about IIHR/CAPEL is available at