On-line Diploma Course “Rights of infants and strategic litigation with respect to the Inter-American System of Human Rights”

Fecha: (8/3/2020 10:53:57 AM)


San José, Costa Rica. The Diploma Course Rights of infants and strategic litigation with respect to the Inter-American System of Human Rights, coordinated by the head of the IIHR Area of Education, Jorge Padilla, is taking place from May 4 to August 21, 2020. 

The conceptual framework was explained by Fiorella Nesta, Alejandro Morlachetti and Víctor Giorgi. The Course deals with the following thematic modules: Main components of the Inter-American System of Human Rights-SIDH (Alejandra Nuño and Jorge Padilla); Guiding principles. Guarantee and protection of rights in specific social contexts (Juan Faroppa); Children and adolescentes and Economic, social, cultural and environmental rights and indicators of progress in human rights: the Protocol of San Salvador (Andrés Scagliola for both modules); Procedural components of the SIDH (Ricardo Pérez Manrique and Jorge Padilla); Relevant decisions. Emblematic cases (Jorge Cardona Llorens); Strategic litigation (Viviana Krsticevic), and Public policies and Human rights defenders (Norberto Liwski for both modules). The modules begin with a lecture, which is followed by a forum led by a tutor. Each participant will prepare a paper on an issue. 

The Course, which utilized the IIDH Inter-American Virtual Classroom platform, is designed for members of civil society organizations, national and regional networks and platforms dealing with the rights of infants and adolescents; litigants; technical teams and groups related to the issue; concerned staff of national and local governments; students and academicians. Sixty-five participants were chosen for this first edition of the Course.