International Diploma Course on the Inter-American System of Human Rights

Fecha: (11/8/2016 9:48:16 AM)

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San José, Costa Rica. The on-site week of the International Diploma Course on the Inter-American System, which took place October 17-20, 2016, closed the activity that was inaugurated with a virtual phase on September 20. The Course was sponsored by the IIHR and the Universided Libre of Colombia.

As part of the Course, the following lectures were given at the IIHR Inter-American Classroom: Juridical Interpretation (Inti Schubert, Themis GIZ-IIDH project), International Conflicts (Antonio Barrios, expert on international affairs), Foreign Policy and Human Rights: The Case of Costa Rica (Eugenia Gutiérrez, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Political Rights and the American Context (Alan Schroeder, journalist), Inter-American System of Human Rights (Fidel Gómez, Inter-American Court of Human Rights), European System of Human Rights (Natalia Kobylarz, European Court of Human Rights), Systems of International Protection (Natalia Arce, IIHR Academic Assistant) and Emblematic Cases of the Inter-American Court (Jorge Padilla, IIHR Coordinator of Education). In addition, Lorena González (member of the UN Sub-Committee for the Prevention of Torture) and María Devandas (Foreign Ministry) led an evaluation of the course. On October 19, the participants visited the University for Peace.

The more than 40 participants in Group 3 are students in their final years at the branches of the Universidad Libre Law School in Bogotá, Socorro, Cartagena and Pereira. Coordinators of the course were Mr. Padilla and Katya Jiménez, of the IIHR Inter-American Virtual Classroom, and the Office of Inter-Institutional Affairs of the Universidad Libre.  

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