IIHR Executive Director participates in international seminar on electoral reform in Peru

Fecha: (8/16/2019 2:49:27 PM)


Lima, Perú. José Thompson, Executive Director of the IIHR and the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance, visited Peru on July 9-10, 2019 to participate in the International Seminar: Electoral Reform in Peru. He focused his remarks on electoral justice in the draft Electoral Code and the role of the National Jury of Elections (JNE) as guarantor of the political rights of the citizens of Peru.

The JNE organized the activity to analyze the proposals to reform the Electoral Code. Among the matters considered were those on internal democracy and party financing; political bullying with respect to women, under the direction of Line Barreiro, a member of the IIHR General Assembly; parity and political alternation between men and women candidates; the Mexican experience in electoral reform; the goals of these processes, and the importance of the Electoral Code and the proposed principles of renovation.