A celebration of rights

Fecha: (1/12/2017 10:51:16 AM)

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Montevideo, Uruguay. To celebrate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, D-Day – The fiesta of human rights was held on December 17 at the Andalucía Patio of the Rodó Park and featured artistic activities and a cultural exchange.  

Musicians and artists, such as Lila Frascara and Leonardo Andersen (Argentina), the Artistic Laboratory (Chile), Paula de Alba (Spain) and Mr. Motta (Uruguay), entertained at the free event that was widely attended. There was also a workshop on comics and human rights and six chats with experts on the environment, gender equality, infants, youth, new technologies, education and the peace process in Colombia, the latter with the Colombian Ambassador, Natalia Abello, and the UN Resident Coordinator in Uruguay, Denise Cook, both well-versed on the peace process.

The IIHR Representative, Soledad García Muñoz, presented the D Award to two distinguished Uruguayans, noted for their defense and promotion of human rights: Enrique Iglesias, current President of the Astur Foundation, former Foreign Minister, Secretary General of CEPAL, President of the Inter-American Development Bank and Secretary General of Iberoamérica, and Belela Herrera, former official of UNHCR and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The hope of the IIHR Regional Office for South America, whose headquarters are in Montevideo, is that this be an annual event to celebrate human rights and the joining of cultures and societies with the purpose of learning about diversity, sensitizing the population, broadening the imagination and contributing to an integral view on human rights.

Appearing in the photograph are Soledad García Muñoz and Enrique Iglesias.


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