IIHR signs agreement of cooperation with the Center of Military Education

Fecha: (5/5/2017 3:11:49 PM)

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Bogotá, Colombia. On April 25, 2017, representatives of the Center of Military Education (CEMIL) and the IIHR Office in Colombia, Brigadier General Marcos Evangelista Pinto Lizarazo and Juan Navarrete, respectively, signed an agreement of cooperation to study the current situation and to facilitate the proposal of actions that would consolidate a culture of human rights.

The agreement with CEMIL, an official body for training at the university level for the armed forces under the Ministry of Defense, will enable studies, projects, academic reasearch and consultation on human rights, international humanitarian law, international law applied to armed conflicts, transitional justice, the Inter-American System of Human Rights and international criminal justice.

The text of the agreement calls for activities related to the exchange of information on undergraduate and graduate programs, research, internships, student and academic staff exchanges and the organization of conferences and seminars. The technical, economic and human resources of the two institutions will be utilized to best achieve the purposes of the agreement. 

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