IIHR signs agreement of cooperation with the Universidad Nacional

Fecha: (5/3/2017 3:34:12 PM)


San José, Costa Rica. On April 28, 2017, Alberto Salom, Rector of the Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica (UNA), and José Thompson, IIHR Executive Director, signed an agreement of cooperation to promote and educate in human rights.

Mr. Thompson welcomed the UNA delegation and, referring to the IIHR’s trajectory, emphasized the role of universities in achieving its mandate since universities are “our natural allies,” he applauded the signing of the agreement and the possibilities of mutual collaboration that it will provide. Mr. Salem, for his part, underlined the importance of studies and debates on human rights in the region, in which the pioneering role of the IIHR and its contributions have been recognized. Given the current context, he emphasized the need to bring the focus on human rights to each of the countries of the region so as to make for a better democracy. Finally, Rosmary Hernández, Director of the School on International Relations, spoke on the important role of that academic institution in achieving agreements that will make it possible to promote different joint initiatives.  


The first photograph shows Rosmary Hernández, Alberto Salom and José Thompson.

The second shows Natalia Arce, José Thompson and members of the UNA delegation.

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