IIHR/CAPEL part of group that observed second round of presidential election in Chile

Fecha: (2/6/2018 11:31:19 AM)


Santiago, Chile. José Thompson, IIHR Executive Director and Director of the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIHR/CAPEL), visited Chile during the period December 14-18, 2017 as part of the mission of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (UNIORE) that observed the second round of the presidential election. The mission was organized by the Qualifying Tribunal of Elections and the Electoral Service (Servel) and was comprised of magistrates and staff of the UNIORE member bodies.



The mission visited the headquarters of both organizations where it was received by their respective presidents, Patricio Santamaría Mutis and Patricio Valdés Aldunate. The “Plazuela Juan Ignacio García” was inaugurated on December 16 in memory of the former director of Servel, who passed away in 2017.



The following day, the mission visited the polling places, witnessed the counting of votes and met to make an evaluation of the event. The final act of the mission was the presentation of its report to the electoral authorities of the country.

IIHR/CAPEL is the Executive Secretariat of UNIORE.

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