The “Yoga and Values” program celebrates its third anniversary

Fecha: (3/28/2017 2:31:08 PM)

lanzamiento 1YogayValores.jpg

A talk on “Recidivism versus Reinsertion,” the first of a series  to mark the first three years of the “Yoga and Values in Jails” program in the Uruguayan penitentiaries, was given on March 22, 2017. Alma Berenguer, Coordinator of Training of the CFCE, welcomed the participants and was followed by Soledad García Muñoz, Coordinator of the IIHR Regional Office for South America, who located the program in the area of human rights education, emphasized its contribution to the rehabilitation of persons who have been deprived of their freedom and underlined the importance of yoga for education in human rights. The Director of the program, Pamela Martínez, presented an over-all picture of the program and recalled that the IIHR was the first institution to support and publicize it. She also referred to the relevance of changing the mind-set of the participants and detailed the program’s achievements. The Assistant Technical Director of the National Institute of Rehabilitation of Uruguay, Ana Juanche, also lauded the initiative and spoke of similar experiences in rehabilitation centers in the interior of the country. Finally, there was a showing of a preview of the documentary “Otra Conciencia es Posible,” which will soon be presented to the general public.

This talk and those that follow on May 31, August 30 and November 29 in the CFCE will achieve one of the main objectives of the program: sensibilize the public on the activity, its scope and the importance of becoming involved and creating networks that strengthen efforts of the rehabilitation, prevention and reinsertion of persons deprived of their freedom so as to strengthen human rights, peace and public security. These talks are especially directed to students, institutions and business organizations. Among the speakers are the Director of the Association of Families of Victims of Crimes, Graciela Barrera; the Director of Unit 6, Luis Parodi; the journalist Carolina García; the Director of the Center of Penitentiary Training, Mariana Amaro, and the representative of the Association of Persons Deprived of Their Freedom, Edgardo Escobar.