Dr. Rodolfo Stavenhagen

Fecha: (11/9/2016 11:42:59 AM)

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San José, Costa Rica. Rodolfo Stavenhagen, Vice President of the IIHR Executive Committee passed away on November 5, 2016.

Dr. Stavenhagen was a distinguished Mexican intellectual, sociologist, university professor and author of an indispensible work on the Latin American reality. A charter member of the IIHR family, he directed pioneering research on indigenous rights during the 1980s. He was also heavily involved in the IIHR programs designed to ensure that indigenous peoples were fully able to enjoy their rights.

With the passing of Rodolfo Stavenhagen, the IIHR has lost not only a valuable member of its General Assembly and the Vice President of its Executive Committee but also a dear friend. Dr. Stavenhagen was a universally recognized expert on indigenous peoples, which was reflected in his being named the first United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, a post that he served with distinction from 2001 to April 30, 2008. He was also a visiting professor at institutions of higher learning, such as Stanford and Harvard.