Meeting of LGBTI

Fecha: (10/6/2016 10:36:57 AM)


Bogotá, Colombia. As part of his visit to Colombia, on September 28, 2016 IIHR Executive Director, José Thompson, attended the inauguration of the “National Meeting of Representatives elected to provide differential focus of LGBTI.” The goal of the activity was to make available tools for participation and public policy for representatives of the Departmental LGBTI Groups so that their proposals would have an impact on the construction of peace and public policies that would favor the victims belonging to those groups.

With the goal of developing participative democracy, Law 1448 and Decree 4800 of 2011 provide opportunities of participation and representation to the victims of the armed conflict and have been included in the Protocol of Effective Participation of Victims, adopted in Resolution 0388 of 2013. Under this norm, the situation of victims and a differential focus were represented in 32 Departments, the District Group of Bogotá and the National Group of Participation of Victims.

In addition to the Executive Director, also attending the Meeting were the IIHR Representative in Colombia, Juan Navarrete, and the IIHR Colombia Office Manager, Adriana Piquero.


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