Meeting on the “Consultation and participation of Indigenous Peoples”

Fecha: (8/18/2015 3:08:33 PM)

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San José, Costa Rica. A meeting on the “Consultation and participation of Indigenous Peoples” took place August 19 - 20 with the participation of specialists in the field from different countries of the region.

The activity is part of the project "The practical application of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in the Inter-American System of Human Rights Protection," which is financed by the Christensen Fund and which allows the IIHR to continue its more than three decades of work in this field.

The project addressed the way in which this right has been complied with in Colombia, the world-view of indigenous women and an exchange of experiences among the participants. The speakers were Rosembert Ariza (Colombia), Irmalicia Velásquez Nimatuj (Guatemala), Martha Figueroa (Mexico), Sonia Henríquez (Panama) and Justa Romero (Costa Rica).

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