"Memorial of the Legal Profession and the Resistance. Uruguay 1968-1985"

Fecha: (11/10/2015 10:04:48 AM)

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Montevideo, Uruguay. The IIHR Regional Office for South America and the Zelmar Michelini Foundation (FZM) on November 5, 2015 hosted a “Memorial of the Legal Profession and the Resistance. Uruguay 1968-1985 ".

Soledad Garcia Muñoz, IIHR representative for South America, coordinated a workshop that included many of the principal opponents of the dictatorship of that era (lawyers, human rights activists, political prisoners and their families).

The event took place in an overflowed hall of the University of the Republic (UDELAR). There was also a panel discussion moderated by Felipe Michelini (Member of Parliament and FZM) and whose members included Marta Valentini, former political prisoner, and lawyers María Elena Martínez (member of the IIHR General Assembly), José Luis Corbo, Leandro Despouy (Argentina) and Ms. García. A commemorative plaque was unveiled in the presence of the Dean of the UDELAR Law School, Gonzalo Uriarte .

The different activities provided first-hand testimonies of individuals with the highest professional ethics and social engagement who aided many Uruguayans during those years .

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