National Meeting for Life and Liberty

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Medellín, Colombia. The National Meeting for Life and Liberty, sponsored by the Unit for Victims with the support of the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIHR), took place May 25-27, 2016 .

Present at the inauguration were representatives of the national and local governments as well as delegations from the IIHR and the National Group for the Effective Participation of Victims .

There were three panels during the first day: “Forced Disappearancea and Kidnappings during the Period of Reconciliation,” Forced Disappearances from the Time of the Agreements of Havana to the Beginning of Conversations with the ELN. Special Unit Seeking Persons Declared Disappeared in the Context and due to the Armed Conflict” and “Homicides. Summary Executions. Pardon ”.


Those participating included Gabriel Bustamante, Sub-Director of Participation of the Unit for the Effective Participation of Victims; Juan Navarrete, Representative of the IIHR Office in Colombia; Teresita Gaviria, representative of victims of Antioquia and a member of Madres de la Candelaria; Claudia Llano, international expert on human rights and security, with emphasis on care and crisis management regarding violations of the right to liberty; Janeth Bautista, Director of the Nydia Érika Bautista Foundation, which has been awarded the Antonio Nariño Human Rights Prize; Pilar Navarrete, víctim of the Palacio de Justicia for the disppearance of her husband Héctor Jaime Beltrán; Luz Marina Bernal, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize of the Madres de Soacha, and María José Pizarro, daughter of Carlos Pizarro .

The day ended with an explanation by Fredy Ramírez and Kevin Mejía, anthropologist and Director of the National Forensic Institute of Antioquia, respectively, of the national network of non-identified bodies and the search for the disappeared .

There was a general debate on the current situation of the disappeared, kidnapped or killed with the purpose of collaborating with the Truth Commission, the commission seeking the disappeared and the new reparations deriving from the agreements that were signed in Havana. Gabriel Bustamante, of the UARIV, asked that the population share the pain of the victims and stated that the recommendations of the meeting, which will continue for two more days, will be presented to the High Commissioner for Peace, Natalia Arboleda, who attended the meeting .

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