Agreement signed with Costa Rica Íntegra

Fecha: (1/30/2019 2:50:58 PM)

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San José, Costa Rica. On November 5, 2018, the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights signed an agreement of cooperation with Costa Rica Íntegra, the objective of which is to “strengthen, as an organization of civil society, a system of national integrity that promotes public and private initiatives and domestic and international good practices in the areas of transparency, integrity and combating corruption.”

The agreement was signed by José Thompson and Rafael Eduardo Núñez Vargas, Executive Director and President of their respective organizations, with the purpose of identifying, promoting and jointly implementing projects of exchange, collaboration, training, dissemination and technical assistance regarding access to information, transparency, combating corruption and citizen participation. The Institute is advising the CRI so that the Costa Rican people know and exercise their rights of participation, information and petition with respect to public institutions.