IIDH/CAPEL 30th Anniversary Tribute

Fecha: (11/10/2015 10:09:25 AM)

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San José, Costa Rica. The Institute of Training and Democracy Studies of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Costa Rica paid homage to the Center for Electoral Promotion and Assistance (IIHR/CAPEL) on its thirtieth anniversary. The event was held on November 6 as part of Democracy Day activities in Costa Rica .

The opening statement by Hugo Picado, Director of the Institute of Training and Democracy Studies (IFED), preceded the remarks of Judge Eugenia Zamora who referred to the significant contributions of CAPEL in promoting and disseminating democratic values in the region as Executive Secretariat of the Association of Electoral Bodies of Central America and the Caribbean (Tikal Protocol) during the three decades of the existence of both entities. At the end of the activity, an award was given to IIHR Executive Director, José Thompson, who thanked the IFED and asked Sofia Vicenzi, CAPEL staff official, to accompany him on the podium .


Mr. Thompson then spoke on “Political Rights within Framework of the Inter-American System of Human Rights”, in which he addressed the origins of democracy and conditions of citizenship during different stages in history; political rights as human rights as embodied in the diverse international instruments; the context of their realization and the jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, among other relevant topics .

Participants in the ceremony included authorities and officials of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the IIHR and those interested in the subject .

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