First Education in Human Rights Festival

Fecha: (4/29/2016 10:15:17 AM)

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San José, Costa Rica. During the week of April 22, 2016, the IIHR Center of Resources and Studies for Education in Human Rights, in coordination with the Supervision of Circuit 01 of the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica, held the First Education in Human Rights Festival. At the event, organized with the Omar Dengo Guerrero school in an area of San José where there is a certain lack of security, the community of educators participated in artistic reflection (murals and stories) and sensibilization (documentaries in the library) among other activities .


Also participating in the activity were community organizations directly associated with the school as well as important governmental institutions such as the Supreme Tribunal of Elections, the Municipality of San José, the police, the Moreno Cañas health clinic, the governmental dependency responsible for children and private enterprise .


The Festival is part of a plan to instruct 600 students of the school and was the first phase of human rights training, prevention of school bullying and methodologies for education in human rights, all of which will be extended to other schools in San José .

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